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August Update Part 1

Oct 4, 2008 | Family Life | 6 comments

This section of the update is all about 1sts!!

Of course our first days of Wyatt

First snuggles with Wyatt

First Bath, not his favorite moment in the day.

First Nap

Shae’s first date & kiss!! hee heee, what a cutie Adelaide!!

Rykel’s first moments in Line for Breakfast, what a cute cheesy cheeky smile.

Klai’s first day at Kindergarten.

Klai’s table with her name plate, she is so proud to have her own little place.

What a month for firsts, there is still more to come. Don’t go away!!


  1. The Bennetts

    such wonderful firsts! of course we are a little prejudiced – what amazing and wonderful chilibeans!

  2. The Bennetts

    hey you forgot one – Shae’s first haircut!

  3. kenzie

    I can’t believe how much has gone on!! And look how much klai’s hair has grown. It is so cute! I miss you guys so much. love you all

  4. echo

    kissy kissy

  5. echo

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. brenley

    i love the four kids all together! i still can’t believe you have FOUR! wow! and isn’t it four kids under the age of 6? crazy! you are a super mom! and you have a super husband….but he’s my brother and i think he’s pretty cool so i’m biased;) i miss you guys!


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