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September, HERE it comes!

Oct 6, 2008 | Family Life | 4 comments

Well August went by SUPER FAST!! And here comes September:

Well it all started with days of school! The girls love going to school. Here’s a fun snapshot of a morning rush…gotta love Rykel’s faces.

Our 6 monther friend, Maile, came out to visit us!! We had a blast visiting her in Waikiki at the Prince Kuhio hotel. The kids love her.

One of our biggest September Moments, must be the HAIRCUT!! Yes he did look like a pretty girl (refer to photo 1) with longer hair, but he does fit that surfer hawaiiy boy type. But the hair had to go!!

The experience was quite interesting; he loved the shaver and wanted to play with it, but when he found out what dad did with it when he got close…made him run away. But then he was interested in the shaver again and would come back…to find that daddy would shave more hair off…so funny!!

We visited our friend Lillie at a fun Make a Wish Ice Cream party in Kaneohe. They were honoring her and other Make a Wish People there. It was awesome.

Everyone Welcome Wyatt to the Bumbo!! I love it, He loves it, its a love love situation.

Shae has acquired many talents from his father…one being the innocent face…but he has added the POUT!! oh the power of pout.

One thing I love about this stage is the helpfulness, he loves to help anyone anywhere. And today it was Daddy outside with the water.

Gladly Shae helped because that also entitled him to jumping in puddles and standing underneath the runoff of our house!!! YEah for Wet SHAE.

Well that came quick and sped by even FASTER!! Wow where does the time go?


  1. kenzie

    OH MY!!! Those are some of the cutest pictures EVER!!! It makes me miss you all so much!! And in the pouty face shae picture he looks EXACTLY like jase when he was a kid in some of the family video’s we have. Way too cute. And its definitely a mile stone introducing Wyatt to the amazing BUMBO!!! Love you all.

  2. The Bennetts

    what kid doesn’t want to help when water is concerned? love the shots of shae – especially the story of the haircut! Awesome

    Love your girls cute faces and smiles. i don’t think they can get any more gorgeous.

    love the bumbo wyatt! awesome!

  3. Anonymous

    What can one say? Darlings, all of them, BUT …..too far way. They make my arms ache for a hug!! Love you too much!

  4. brenley

    ok mr. shae you have your dad’s good looks for sure! family video/picture flashbacks! how fun that jase has a mini!


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