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Ha Ha’s

Oct 15, 2008 | Family Life | 3 comments

Wednesday is often called HUMP day, because it is the middle of the week. Well to help you over the HUMP, here are some HA HA’s. Or ha ha moments here at our house.

Shae HA HA – Shae has been potty training for a few weeks now, that means he is naked most of the day and we remind him to use his potty chair. So yesterday after I heard him run to the bathroom I waited for him to come tell me he went potty. There was silence for quite some time. I went into the bathroom to find him wet. His head was wet, his face had wetness, and there was not much potty still left in the chair. So I assume our little boy tried to drink it. HAHA

Rykel HA HA – The other day as I was putting her down Shae came into give her a hug. I asked him to tell her night night, and he did (mumbling giberish). As to which she replied; “Mom why did you tell him to speak SPANISH?!” HAHAHAHA

Klai CUTE HA HA – This morning as we are eating breakfast Klai explains things to me. She says; “Mom did you know that sometimes Jesus is REALLY up in Heaven, REALLY. And sometimes Jesus is REALLY on land?!!” hmmmm yes that’s right klai. HAHAHA cute HAHA


  1. Laura

    I think you should post these every wednesday. Your kids are so funny I love the stories

  2. brenley

    i agree – a hump day tradition on your end would make me very happy. i love and miss your kids so much!

  3. The Bennetts

    this makes it official – three wishes – please keep posting such fun and cute stories. we love them!


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