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Halloween Events

Nov 2, 2008 | Celebrate, Halloween | 8 comments

Toy Story 2 clan: I am the piggy bank, Wyatt is the little Green Alien, Shae – T-Rex, Rykel – Bo Peep, Klai – Jessie the Cowgirl, Trevor – Woody, Devin – Buzz, Kyle – other green Alien

Cute little ones dressed up and ready to go to the 3rd ward Trunk-O-Treat. That’s Jase in the background trying to finish our NEW porch deck.

Cute little Bo-Peep.

T-Rex a little stunned.

Woody & Jessie walking in the Laie Elementary Costume Parade.

On the Road Trick-Or-Treating

This was a fun Halloween. We had lots of things going on. Tuesday was our ward Halloween Carnival, and KLai won ” Most Original Costume”!!! Wednesday we went to 3rd ward Trunk-0-treat and saw lots of friends and had a blast. Friday morning was Klai’s Elementary Costume Parade. And Friday night was of course Halloween. It was so much fun to trick-o-treat and have 3 little ones that can collect candy…(for mommy!). But the kids loved coming back to the porch deck and hand out candy to other trick-o-treaters. But we did run out of our 400 pieces of candy in 1 hour. We got hit hard. But I love Halloween.


  1. brenley

    soooo soooo soooo cute!!!! i love themes! i love klai’s chaps! way to be crafty and so creative! you and shand should open a store of home made costumes. you two are awesome! justin and i already ate almost all of jorgen’s candy:( sad for him – but he doesn’t really care, or know, i guess!

  2. The Bennetts

    Great job Rach! those are such cute costumes – and such cute kids! looks like a lot of fun. i like the picture with jase and the drill – finishing up the bench! looks great!

  3. Leslie

    So cute! Isn’t Halloween such a fun holiday? Tell Rykel that cousin Anna was Little Bo Peep too!

  4. us*limes

    saWEEEET costumes! i LOVE themed family costumes! and yours rocked! i bet the girls loved it too. so, any ideas for next year? i need to start thinking now so i will be ready for next year. so, send your ideas my way.cause you have great ones!

  5. Rebekah

    I loved seeing your Halloween pictures! All the kids look adorable! Glad it was such a fun Halloween WEEK!

  6. Molly Bea

    Ah, VERY cute! I love the group costume…you must have made them, they look too good to have been bought.

  7. Laura

    you are so creative, can I be you? So so cute, love it

  8. kenzie

    that is too bad that we couldn’t be there with you because Taegan was WOODY too. Not the “exact” costume but “our” version of woody. I love them, they are too cute 😀


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Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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