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Needed ADHD Tinker Time

Nov 4, 2008 | Family Life | 7 comments

I needed some ADHD time! Meaning that I needed some time for my hands to get busy so my mind could put everything in my life back together. My main man was on hand to help me cope with my medical condition. This is my adult form of origami!!! (those in my family will understand)
Good thing I have a good friend with vision. He takes my madness and channels it into something RAD, and BEAUTIFUL, regardless of the mess I continually make of it.

Building the frame around the useless planter boxes that cannot grow anything! (under the eaves= no sun, and no rain= = no growth)
Bench built and stained. Deck not stained, roof not painted…..yet
Roof now painted
deck stained and roof painted. this shot showes the insanely comfortable “reclined” bench.
WooHoo! now I got a place to take calls and enjoy the breeze…………(marc that was for you baby!)


  1. The Bennetts

    best wooden origami i have ever laid eyes on! its amazing how what we learn as children (you were three) is still applicable as adults.

    This is way cool – Great Job!

  2. kenzie

    That is WAY cool!! Great job Jase. I remember hearing you talk about how you were building it. Now I just want to come and enjoy it :D. But sadly I think that its more likely something Corey will part take in before me :(, love you.

  3. brenley

    wowsers. you are amazingly talented. if i tried to build that people would be falling through the cracks…or sliding off the edges cause it wouldn’t be even. way to go jumping jason miniman!

  4. sanaejames photography

    wow! lOOKS GREAT! Perfect for hanging out while the kids run around! I wish I were there to hang out on your porch with ya! LOVE IT!

  5. Unknown

    Looks great- it was a nice spot on Halloween night to enjoy all the costumes too!

  6. Natalie.

    It really does look so great! Nice work. I’m hoping (beyond reason) that the longer Richie hangs out with Jase the more handy he’ll become. But alas, it seems to be the opposite. Whenever I say something I’d like done/repaired, he says, ok I’ll ask Jase. . . hmm.


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