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Staying Sane

Nov 12, 2008 | Family Life | 3 comments

Life is crazy and sometimes it feels like each day is crazier than the last. From sun up to Sun down I feel like I am running at 100 mph trying to get everything done. How do MOMs do it?

get the kids to school, run errands to pick up groceries and household items, organize those groceries, put kids to nap, potty train while running around, plan your meal for that night, balance the checkbook / budget, fold laundry and put away, nurse baby, put youngins to nap, feed kids healthy snacks, clean the peed everywhere bathroom, return emails, break up fights between children, plan for upcoming birthdays, clean kitchen to prep dinner, prep dinner, keep kids happy while cooking dinner, clean up kitchen while serving dinner, eat a few bites, get kids bathed and ready for bed, pick up toys before bedroom doors are closed, tidy up rest of the house, prep meals for next day, collect school items for next day, aaaa…sleep?

HOW DO YOU stay sane?

I really need some pointers!!


  1. brenley

    only have two kids:)

    but i already want more so that is not good advice – but life is manageable right now so i don’t know what advice to give. but i’m sure i’ll be coming to you for advice when i have four plus of my own. i don’t know how you and shand do it. but i admire you for it and can’t wait to be there myself. until then, i will enjoy the afternoon naps i still manage to squeeze in when both kids are napping:)

  2. Natalie.

    You don’t. You go crazy but you laugh your way through. LAUGH IT OFF therein lies your salvation. 😉

  3. sanaejames photography

    take it a day at a time. you may not get everything done on your list of “to do” but do a little at a time. you don’t have to be super mom to still be the coolest mom to your kids…you are amazing and do so much. I know you are a great mommy…keep at it girl!


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