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Dec 11, 2008 | Family Life | 10 comments

Well since times for us have been hard, we have been praying for a miracle. Sometimes we pray for rain…because rain encourages people to RENT movies…so money for us to help us pay our bills. But this time we didn’t pray for rain. But the rain came anyways:

This is our backyard & our lanai.

This is right outside our side door. We are 1/4″ away from flood in our house.

This is our street right in front of our house facing Mauka side.

We are VERY lucky that our house is NOT flooded. At 5:30 this morning our neighbors 4 houses down, they opened their garage door & their kayak drifted into their house. 4-6 houses on the street have ankle deep water in their house. Many of their items have been ruined, and they have lost lots of things. I hope that the rain lets up, so it won’t get to us.


  1. echo

    oh, i hope you guys are ok! i wish i could come there and help but ALL the roads are closed!!

  2. Rach

    thanks….if it does..Movies at our house!!

  3. Jo

    That’s a LOT of water! We could sure use some of that here in Utah.

  4. kenzie

    OH WOW, That is crazy!! I am glad that your still ok. We will keep you in our prayers.

  5. jase

    I had to rescue a few families that had to jump out of their kitchen windows and get in my kayak as i owed them to safety. I also had to row an entire family (5 kids) in a kayak with all of their clothing in garbage bags.
    this was a “mindset” changing day for me.

  6. Rach

    The rain has stopped since later last night, and the sun is shining, so hopefully it won’t come back too hard. We are so fortunate to not have lost anything. So many people on our street had to dump so much stuff. I will post pictures later.

  7. Leslie

    Wow – I didn’t realize how much rain you all were getting. I sure hope it doesn’t go any higher and your home will be okay. We’ll be thinking of you guys.

  8. brenley

    i’m so glad you guys are ok and that you were able to help others in need. we’ll be praying!

  9. The Bennetts

    glad you are okay – love you

    we are so proud of you for focusing on others needs when you could have only thought of yourselves. we love you!

  10. sanaejames photography

    whoa…holy….right about now I am glad we’re outta there. although we have two inches of snow in our yard…shoot…hope everything is okay and there wasn’t too much damage!


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