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Don't Laugh too hard

Ok, Normally I would never put any self-incriminating photos of me on the blog.....but this is what I feel like doing right now!! And I can't help but laugh...so hard!! hahahahahahahah....I am the one-eyed sleepy monster. And a true-blue with my mouth open. hahahaha!!

Jase took this photo, on a very sleepy day. I think it was still in the days of the newborn baby. Love it now folks....I might remove it tomorrow.

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    8 comments on “Don't Laugh too hard”

    1. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't even get in trouble for doing it. you put it up of your own free will. I will once be as humble as my sweet (and super tired) wife!!!!!!!
      love you sweetness
      (you should have heard the sounds out of your mouth while it was happening!)

    2. Why isn't this video? hahaha I have lots of days like this. Today I snorted myself awake at around 11 a.m. I was in the blue chair with Bun on my lap- he was still snoring.

    3. i am so glad you realize and can celebrate all the things we yellows love (love to tease that is) about our blues! love you tons!

    4. OH rach How I love the blue in you. You and bren have the amazing ability to be able to laugh with everyone even if its about yourself. I love it and hope someday i can learn that quality. YOu just made my day/NIGHT (since its 4am) at work. Thanks for the laugh. love you

    5. Don't remove it. We all know how you feel. Makes me feel batter about myself that I am not the only one that looks like that when I sleep! Hahaha

    6. that is hilarious! though you are much more humble than me! i don't know if i'd post my sleepy with mouth open picts - but mine are much worse - think head tilted all the way back with mouth gaping open (to it's fullest capacity) and drool dripping down my cheek. yeah, gross. you look like a sleeping beauty...who's brain forgot to shut one eye:)

      love it!

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