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Who Can Resist that Pout? 

Me…”Shae clean up your toys.”

Shae…”I no wanna”

Me…”Please clean up your toys Shae.”


Me…”If you don’t I will take your toys away and
you won’t get to play with them for awhile.”

Shae pouts.

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  1. The Bennetts

    that pout looks vaguely familiar…… and yet not so recent! hmmmmm, oh yes, the same look i would get when i asked jase to clean up his toys!

    father and son – good luck Rachel!

    its paybacks Jase!

  2. Laura

    you are the queen of blogging, shae pouting is too cute! Those mini sausages look so yummy I wanna lick my screen. The birthday looked like a total success! love the iceblocking videos you guys are dorks.

  3. brenley

    o little man shae! what a cutie!

  4. Nikki

    What a mean Mommy! hahaha just kidding. Adorable pout!

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