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32 Things about NIKKI

Today is my sisters 32nd birthday...I can't believe she is 32, it seems like she is still 17 and I am 12. Well here are some things about her:

1 - She is 5'4" & 13/16....she used to says this often
2 - She is taller than me by 13/16
3 - She has thick wavy hair...kinda like me (but thicker)
4 - She has a GREAT memory
5 - She used to memorize the phone book
6 - She would remember all my friends and their phone numbers
7 - She would recall this information to my mom, when I was no where to be found.
8 - She likes to sing
9 - She has sung Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey & Toni Braxton songs in my parents living room, using DAD's mic & there is a recording of us...somewhere in their house.
10 - She is very talented: especially the Piano, but she also plays the flute.
11 - She composed a song for my parents for their anniversary..last year? the year before?
12 - I miss hearing her play the piano.....even though she would play the entertainer over & over & over again.
13 - She has been in multiple pageants - Ms. Pleasant Grove pageants
14 - She won Miss Congeniality her first time running.
15 - She played piano for her talent...many times.
16 - She can play piano with her toes - I LOVE IT.
17 - Nikki IS Miss Congeniality - she is easy to get along with.
18 - Random people will tell her deep, personal information about them while standing in lines at grocery stores. (she's very approachable)
19 - She has cut hair off twice and given it to locks of love.
20 - One time her hair looked like a Beatles Do. (she's very brave)
21 - She once had 30 dates in 30 days. (very inspirational)
22 - She married her best friend - I like him the best.
23 - She has 4 wonderful Children & is pregnant with Twins...I am very JEALOUS.
24 - She homeschooled her son and will again.
25 - She once pretended to be my secret Admirer when I was 7 (?) - she gave me little gifts with letters on the back to try and guess who this Secret Admirer was....My favorite gift was the stuffed elephant & dog, which I kept for many years.
26 - Mom passed the party games & plans over to Nikki...she then planned my parties.
27 - She throws great parties...and LOVES to entertain people.
28 - She used to throw parties as a living: Mary Kay, Avon, Stampin Up, & Pampered Chef.
29 - She's a great chef, has great kid recipes, Freezer Recipes & Meal Plans.
30 - She is a GREAT Mom, I often call her for Advice. I love her stories & inspiration.
31 - She is a STORYTELLER. We used to share a room and I would tell her a year or grade level and she would tell me a funny, embarrassing or romantic story about that year...i loved it. Some of my favorites include: Leslie's Sewing talents as a 14 year old & Elastic Bands in pants.
32 - She is a GOOD friend. I love to talk to her for hours, she has taught me many things and will always be an inspiration to me.

I LOVE YOU NIKKI...get better and have a happy Birthday.

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    2 comments on “32 Things about NIKKI”

    1. hahaha I'm taller now. I didn't even realize you made a post for me since I've been sick-out-of-my-mind. Thank you. It makes me sound pretty cool. hehe

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