Rachel Bennett

Architects in training

If ever there is a toy I will NEVER throw away, it is wood blocks. These toys never loose their luster its our house anykind of blocks. We love the wood blocks and we love the lego duplos.

They love to build towers, temples, houses, forts, etc.

I love this creation.
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    6 comments on “Architects in training”

    1. where did you buy those - they are simple and perfect! please tell me it was at a garage sale and i'll have to do my own garage saleing to find a set...or spend real money at the store:) i have been wanting a block set - jorgen loves blocks! another thing i want to buy! hmmmm.

    2. love the blocks - love the kidlets - love the photos. creative plain old blocks are the best! rykel has an awesome smile!

    3. i love those blocks too, they are the best. I love it when kids can be creative. those are the best. love you and wish we could be there to play with the blocks as well 😀

    4. We got a great set of wood blocks at a yard sale once when Christian was little. But somewhere along the line when he or the girls weren't playing with them I purged them. And I have purging remorse. However, we have had a set of duplos for about 9 years and they are still used almost daily.

    5. Nice blocks! I wish we had wooden blocks like those with the arches and triangles and such. The kids played with a display set once at a teacher's store when I was shopping. It was really hard to tear them away.

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