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Exercise, fresh air, fresh fruit, food storage and Yummy JAM! all in one day

Last week Jase went up the mountain on his normal Bike / Rusty run. He brought back a bag full of Strawberry Guavas. We ate them, shared with my neighbor, made Smoothies, and just ate them. They were so yummy. So I decided that we should go up as a family and pick the guavas.

So we set out.

The kids kept good pace, they were great.

Here we are at the top of a peak, boy was it WINDY!

On the Way back down the mountain Klai decided that she needed to keep her own pace (which was much faster than the parents that were carrying the sleeping boys) we would catch up to her and then she'd start it again. She is a tropper!! Rusty would go between us. If Klai was out of sight he would run to make sure she was still there and whenever we would encounter other hikers rusty would go beside them and growl as they passed. He is Rad!

3 hours of Hiking was just too much for the little tykes. Here we are coming DOWN the mountain.

Well after a 4 hour adventure. We FINALLY made it home. The kids were so exhausted. We ate leftover pizza and took a long nap....all except ME, I canned STRAWBERRY GUAVA JAM!!! (more on that later)

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    6 comments on “Exercise, fresh air, fresh fruit, food storage and Yummy JAM! all in one day”

    1. looks like so much fun! your kids really are troopers! i can't believe you didn't nap too - i hope you save me some of that delicious jelly!

    2. Those are great pictures. You don't find those types of moments very often especially family hikes into the hills. You guys are awesome. We love the pictures of the family and the backgound landscape. Now, I realize what you're saying about strawberry guavas. Are they small in size, reddish outside or green, some times yellow? There is the picture of Rachel and the kids walking and in the background there is a small bush with those reddish small fruit. Are those the ones? If it is, it looks like the the wyvee (sp?) fruit (pronounced why-vee). Hope you had fun. Bye.

    3. Dad you're totally right. They have a guava consistency, so most people call them strawberry guava, but yeah we just found out their name to be wyvee.

    4. So much fun! I sure wish it was warm enough here to go on a hike - I can't wait for spring!

      I love guavas! And I also love Wyvee - I remember picking those in back of the Auna's old house with the cousins.

    5. what a fun hiking trip! i love all the pictures - can't believe shae fell asleep while riding on jase's shoulders! how fun!

    6. I think I need to move to Hawaii so I can go on afternoon "hikes to pick strawberry guavas" to make bottles of fresh jam...For Real? You live in paradise, literally.

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