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Easter Sunday

Each Year I look forward to Easter..the egg hunts, the baskets, the candy, the CADBURY MINI EGGS!!! But wait...I'm missing something. Oh yes, CHRIST. We usually tell the Story of Christ's Ressurection. But I think this one small moment is SHADOWED by all the Bunny Activities. And speaking of Bunny...who came up with that?!! Ok....I'm getting distracted.

So I am wondering what activities, lessons, ideas do you have that will help me have a Christ centered Easter?

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    6 comments on “Easter Sunday”

    1. I was just thinking the same thing- we decided to start filling our baskets with things that have to do with Christ instead of the bunny. I got Eli a couple pix of Jesus and the primary song book and things like that...

    2. i like that idea. If you get any more ideas send them my way please. Its sad how easter and christmas started with Christ as the center but now its like it doesn't even have anything to do with him. Let me know. love ya, thanks for the reminder.

    3. i was SO excited to see people's ideas! hmmm ... i don't really have any, but kortni's sounds good.

      hmmm, i'll really have to get on this one! easter has been lost to the masses...

    4. yes, i like the Saturday idea and then focus on Christ on Sunday. it's a hard battle when the world is screaming BUNNIES AND CANDY and you're trying to remember what Easter actually signifies.

    5. oh my heavens, a GOOD one came to me saturday night...

      so when you're hiding the eggs. leave one of them empty (assuming you're using plastic eggs). when everyone's going through their eggs and find the empty one you can say how the EMPTY egg is the special egg, because we celebrate easter because Jesus' tomb was EMPTY (insert any additional Christ-centered Easter themes here ...) and then each year it can be a special deal to find the empty egg.

      (you could even add on and talk about how our lives are like empty eggs and we need to fill them with good, wholesome things ...)

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