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2009 Gymnastic Spring Olympics 

It’s that special time of year again, end of the year, May Day is over…and here comes the
Gymnastic Spring Olympics
The girls ready to perform!

Rykel, Klai & Brooklyn with the whole team

Cassandra’s Gym – the whole team…Can You Find the GIRLS?

The Girls walking in:

Rykel’s Routines

Klai’s Routine

The Gymnasts got medals…and cookies afterwards. I think they were more excited about the cookies though….WE LOVE GYMNASTICS!

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  1. liko

    so fun!!! i think faith would LOVE to do that! go girls!!!

  2. Stephanie J. Robertson

    how cute are they??? seriously, how fun. i used to LOVE gymnastics when i was little. how fun!

  3. Laura

    AHHH they look so freaking cute! I can’t wait for addie-jo to be old enough for all of this fun stuff

  4. becky

    SUCH cute girls!

  5. Rebekah

    Your girls did such a good job! What a bunch of cuties!

  6. gurrbonzo

    I love this!

  7. I'm Natalie.

    Richie is so proud of them. He kept saying: "WOW! They are amazing! That is so amazing!!"

  8. The Bennetts

    they are taking after their Auntie Bren! They can practice doing triple passes on the beach together! They are adorable (of course)!

  9. stef j.

    oh my gosh they're amazing! i think addi's gonna join this fall. YAY!

  10. brenley

    ok, so that made me all nostalgic! gymnastics is soooo fun! they are going to be doing flips in no time! i so wish i could come support them and clap and holler soooo loud when they finished their routines! they are soooooo cute! i especially loved the video when rykel was being all shy and then came running towards you. she has such a tender heart!

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