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ALL day at the BEACH PARK

Saturday Morning, Jase gets inspired to call the peeps and have a slip 'n' slide at the beach park. YEAH BABY, it is officially summer when the slip 'n' slide is busted out.

Arrived at the park about 10:30, bbq started, eat some grub, take a walk and explore the beach..more people arrive, more food, more fun, slip 'n' slide busted out, adventures on the beach, ladies chatting while the men take care of the kids, eat more food, talk story some more, more slip 'n' slide......then it is 5pm.

This is what happens to SHAE at this time:

We left at 6pm, and put the kids down...WAHOO great beach day.

SAdly no other pics were taken..except one more video that will come later.

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    12 comments on “ALL day at the BEACH PARK”

    1. that is probably the funniest video i've ever seen. what a cutie! what a fantastic day! i'm so glad you guys had fun!

    2. poor Shae is suffering the same fate as his daddy! remember Chris & Mike would sit and laugh as Jase walked into walls in the middle of the night. Those boys when they are tired - nothing wakes em up!

      Can i just please hold him!!!!!

    3. Im glad we finally got this "on tape" I love these days and want to sponsor one a month! It was too much fun!! And nobody got burnt!!!! (because Brenley my sister was not there)

    4. hey jase, that is not fair, i don't ALWAYS get burnt....ok, so maybe i do....actually, your comment made me laugh! you always make me laugh! and i'm going to get serious skin cancer in malaysia if i'm not more conscious of the sweltering sun!

    5. that was the funniest video, you had corey and i both laughing so hard. I love it hahahahaha, the nods are the best, and they are only going to get worse as he gets older, maybe he will be like his aunty bren and sleep in public with his mouth wide open too hahahaha. You need to video that as well, we definitely have pictures of bren doin that in public.

      AND YES bren you ALWAYS got burnt, especially in hawaii on the first day there!!

    6. oh, shae all tuckered out. you gotta show that one at his wedding! and those beach days are the best, that's how my mama did it with us growing up, and with six kids, it was a wise move - tire us out so we knock out early!!!

    7. oh, i love this! how sweet is shae? i just want to come out there and lay down in the grass with him.

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