Rachel Bennett

Twilight BABY???......

The Invite

The People


Renesmee's Rediculous Name Game:
Take the names of parents & grandparents & come up with a crazy name for the baby....

THERE were some crazzies out there!...ummmmm..Coch? Gamma? and other REALLY out there names.

Wolf Phasing Game: HAHAHAHHAHAHHA - Two teams, each person puts on the wolf head & pins the tail on bum & then howls, takes it off & gives to next team member. First team completed WINS!!

Liko trying to figure it out, THE BOYS were my test dummies BEFORE the party...and myself...I look like I'm giving birth...while howling at the moon (I'm not pregnant...I'm being Bella...with child coming out of the belly...hahahhaha so funny to me!!)

Wolf Relay in Action:

Apple on a String: who can eat the apple on a string the fastest!! Good Fun..but sadly no pictures were taken.

Jasper FACE OFF - Hold a Jasper face for 5 seconds without laughing

Taylor, Steph R, & Betsy (she got points for props...lunch plate)

Doretha, Natalie (both freaky faces) & Maddy

Robin, Molly (charlie), & Stef J.

Jasper Finalists:

The Mommy to be!!

(sorry if the you tube upload..showed randomness...but I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed the party)

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    15 comments on “Twilight BABY???......”

    1. love it rach! That really was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for inviting me and the chance to hang out with so many cool people I'd never really met before. Thanks Echo for being the one to give us an excuse to party!

    2. thank you for the pictures
      thank you for the post
      thank you for the party
      thank you for the awesome memories
      thank you for the amazing food
      thank you for being you and for being one of the coolest people ever!

    3. Rach that really was hands down the most FUN baby shower I have ever been to. Sorry I am a sissy and hate dressing up. If you promise to keep throwing fun parties like that, I promise I will TRY to find the passion in playing dress ups.

    4. only rachel, you have taken your love for twilight to the next level. I even googled twilight baby shower to see if you are the only one who thought if this and guess what, you're an original baby!

    5. only rachel, you have taken your love for twilight to the next level. I even googled twilight baby shower to see if you are the only one who thought if this and guess what, you're an original baby!

    6. yep, can't say i've ever been to a baby shower quite as fun as that one! good cal on the twilight theme. it made me feel young again. hehe. and it was sooooo sooo fun! kinda got me outta my shell - despite the fact i was too much of a coward to do the jasper face-off game. but i had so much fun watching and felt sorry for echo, she was getting freaked out by everyone's stares.
      p.s. you have my permission to invite me to any more parties you plan on throwing.

    7. well hello rach! so funny, i was just thinking about you guys and the fruit cohort today as velzy was raiding my fridge of blueberries!

      umm, looking at everyones blogs makes me miss them so! what a great party you threw, it looks like it was a ton of fun! i miss you all!

    8. Ha ha! I just watched the video of the stare off and I couldn't stop laughing. Dory "I can't do it anymore (pointing at me) you're wierd!" Ha ha ha!!!

    9. ha ha ha...that is so funny! What a fun baby shower. YOu are so creative. i just do the same old every time. I thought it was great. I might throw a shower for a friend in a month or so, I will need more details on games. That is awesome.

    10. oh creative rachy! you are amazing! that is such a fun idea for a baby shower! you guys are the best party planners ever! i was very impressed with the funny games....but come on people, i didn't see more than one person in twilight attire! no vampire bits on the neck, flaming red lipstick, black clothing and the rest. if i'm invited to your next one i will show ya'll how it's done;) just kidding, i don't know what i'd wear and unless i move to paradise, i don't i'll be invited to your next flaming hot party!

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