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Wy’s B-Day SLIDE 

after asking Shae why he went on his butt this time when his tummy is SOOOOO much faster he replied…”cuz dada it urts my dummy on da lide doo many times”…translation dad you crazy cant you see these red marks on my tummy!?

lil keiki enjoying time without adults ruining thier fun!

Jacob……you kiss your momma wid dose lips!? A bit too creative and i think the slide won that round!

That was my version of the Hawaiian “sliding” Squirrel. and yes it tears at the stomach and yes again my face was in pain! the key to speed is sliding on your burst appendix!!!! (inside joke)

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  1. Laura

    that looks like so much fun!!! Wish we could have been there

  2. The Bennetts

    I just have one questions.

    Whose birthday was it?

    I don't see Wy anywhere!

  3. kenzie

    hahaha, its a family thing!! and yes jase, how is your APPENDIX?? oh wait you don't have one anymore, or wait do you?? lol, you need to come here and ill set you up with some dr's and take care of you, and that way your kids and wifey can see the inlaws and I wont worry about you takin care of yourself in the medical dep. ill do it for ya!! thats my excuse to get you out here even though you dont want to 🙁

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