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3 little monkeys jumping on the bed 

As we are prepping for Grandma & Grandpa to come we pulled out the extra mattress and without fail…3 little monkeys came jumping on the BED!!

(PS: Shae’s neck is OK!)

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  1. jase

    Watch again and you hear me say.."you think he can make it?…shouldn't we move it closer?…OK shae you are going to get hurt..have fun!"
    hahahahahaha see his face afterwards….owww dad my belly….no no no it no hurt anymore

  2. brenley

    yes, jase, you DID call it! poor kid! but it looks like he had a blast so that is good. he just wants to be like his big sisters! what fun they are!

  3. Kahilau

    Oh my gosh, I am catching up on your blog and WOW, so much fun at the Bennett house! I love the pictures of Klai and the 3 little monkeys and that picture from Halloween, man I miss that wall and all the great conversations we had over that wall! So happy for you guys!

  4. Nikki

    Oh goodness. I almost puked when I saw the way he hit. Glad he's okay!

  5. stef j.

    my fav. part is rach towards the end…

    "k. done. Done. k, done." haha!! love it!

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