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California Trip

It all started with a crazy early morning Flight, which suprisingly was pretty good. The kids were awesome. When we got to California it was CHILLY!! We then ventured a 7 hour car drive north to Palo Alto.

We followed the Bennett road trip tradition of stopping for gax & picking up snacks & your fav. drink. They like the tradition. But with Portable DVD Players & lots of snacks..the trip was GREAT!

We arrived late to Bren's House, slept & in the morning enjoyed the awesome parks that surround her complex.

Klai loved collecting pine cones...we've never seen those before. The kids loved playing with Jorgen & Shelley. What a great way to start our vacation.

AFter park hopping Bren's church had a Criche that they have been putting on for many years. Basically there were tons of Nativity sets from many different countries all through out the chapel. They had beautiful slideshow playing while a talented harpist played. Then in the Children's Room they had coloring activities, making star ornaments & dress up in Nativity costumes. What fun.
THeir favorite part was the story of Mary & Joseph performed with marionettes.

We then went to San Francisco. We had to stop & take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, but since it was another drive most of the kids passed this is the only one who was awake!

We loved going down Lombard street...."the crooked street." I wonder who actually lives on that street..what a pain. But beautiful.

We had to go to Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39. We were FREEZING....I cannot tell you how COLD it was. So we bought mittens & wrapped their blankets around them as we walked. We saw so many fun things. We bought Sourdough bowls (without soup) for $1 each...crazy cheap. What a beautiful tree!
After a chilly night at the Wharf, we got dinner at In&Out Burger. YUMMY.
Then headed to a local Christmas lighted train ride. THE little boys were so excited.
They are going through a lighted tunnel.

AFter riding the train, they had a FREE carousel. OOOHHH I cannot resist FREE. The kids went on 4 times. 3 too many times for me.

Jase had to get a cool shot with our new camera...I love this picture, it makes it look so magical.
PHEW that was a long & exciting day! Get a good rest, because we road trip south tomorrow.
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    7 comments on “California Trip”

    1. wow - talk about packing in the activities - i am not amazed though that klai was the only one awake by the time you got to the bridge! What fun! Wish we were there with you. Miss you!

    2. ooohhh!! i can't wait to hear more about the vacation! it looks like so much fun. i am so jealous that you got to hang out in the cold. i miss the cold.

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