Rachel Bennett

Disney Day 1 & Day 2

IT all began on a very cold Rainy Monday!! AAAHHHH are we really going to go on rides in the rain.....OH HECK YEAH!!!

We first had to map out a plan. I swear everyday the kids had to get 2-3 maps just to see where we are at or going.

After we went on a few rides, the rain REALLY started to come we decided to do the Character Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. That was awesome to see so many characters.

Pluto above, Balou below


The kids loved Dancing around with Goofy & Balou. But I think that Wyatt loved the Hot Chocolate the best! Got Stache!

Because of the rain there were no lines for the rides. Klai & Rykel braved Thunder Mountain in the rain...they loved it.

We had to get pictures in front of the famous sleeping beauty Castle, so pretty in the Christmas Decor.

Dumbo's Flight was another favorite amoungst the littlies.

We went on so many rides, there are just too many pictures to put up.

Day 1 ended right at Dinner time, we were too cold & wet to go on. So we ordered pizza & took HOT baths.

Klai with Aurora, Shae being a lover with Snow White...he felt so special with these princesses.

Rykel with Jasmine

Even meeting Mickey was a big thrill.

Our favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. We walked right on & rode many times. Even Wyatt loved shooting the evil Zurg.

We watched Swiss Family Robinson before coming, but found out that they don't have the swiss treehouse...but the TARZAN treehouse. sniff sniff..but it was still fun for the kids.

WE headed over to California Adventure & saw some Car's Favorites

Jumpin Jellyfish was a blast for Rykel.

The kids attacked Woody as he was walking down the sidewalk...but he didn't seem to mind, he's still smiling!

The Woody ride was my favorite & the kids for California Adventure...similar to Buzz shooting & playing games, but in 3D. Some serious fun, no matter how old you are.

Jessie was Klai's favorite character to meet over here at California Adventure.

Mom & Dad's Favorite adventure over at CA was the California Screamin' a super blast fast coaster.

Over at Bug's Life World we: BUmped cars in the Tuck & Roll's Big Top.

Rode high in Flik's Flight

Ate lots of yummy food on the CHEW CHEW TRAIN

And got attacked by cockroaches in the show "It's Tough to be a BUG"

We had fun on the Monster's Inc ride

By the end of DAY 2 it was late & we were exhausted!!

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    9 comments on “Disney Day 1 & Day 2”

    1. Rach thanks for putting these up! when I am working i am always going to go back to this post and relive these moments! lets make some more! (moments like these that is...I always need to be specific!)

    2. what a crazy fun time!!! so glad you guys got to go!!! and thanks for coming to see us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. The kids were so jealous seeing all the characters their cousins got to meet. Bun was especially excited about the pic with Lightning McQueen. How fun! I want to go now!

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