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Jam & Bread

Mar 9, 2009 | Family Life, Meal Time | 6 comments

(think castaway as i say this)
this is my first loaf of bread i have ever made, it is slightly misshapen, it is NOT whole-wheat…I lack wheat flour, but I MADE IT!

As Shae puts it: I want AM & BED!! I love it.

In the last week & a half: I made 15 jars of Jam, 3 loafs of bread & we have EATEN 4 jars of jam & given away 4 jars of jam & eaten ever slice of bread in our house.


  1. becky

    wow, it looks so yummy! it looks like you’re turning into a martha stewart to me.

  2. Unknown

    i can trade you some wheat flour for jam?!?

  3. Leslie

    That looks so scrumptious! And I can’t believe that’s your first batch of bread – great job! I would totally trade you whole wheat flour for some guava jam. Just fly on over and I’ll have some freshly ground for you.

  4. Nikki

    YUMMMMM!! Strawberry Guava Jam on homemade bread has me salivating right now. You should trade your friend some wheat flour for jam if she’s close by. hehe

    I want to make jam now. Naaa. I want to EAT jam now. lol

  5. Laura

    with crack for breakfast? HOW DO YOU DO EVERYTHING!!! You. Are. Amazing.

  6. echo

    your jam=yummy deliciousness


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