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Kung Fu Party

Apr 7, 2009 | Celebrate | 7 comments

The Party was Awesome!! Just a few faces that were there :

Then began the Kung FU party:
1st we made Chinese Lanterns…to set the mood.
2nd we were Challenged by the BULL..
“I hear you like to Chew…why don’t you Chew..ON MY FIST!!”
Then the fight began..I think the children won!

3rd We started our Kung FU Training:

Our young ones did well in training and were ready to fight the Training Opponent (We did some kung fu stances and practice punches before approaching the opponent…see Tevai in the background with her fists & Klai also working her punches!! hehehehe I love it)
Rykel does a Kick to defeat her Pinata Opponent!

Finally after the workout was PRESENT TIME…Rykel had a blast.
And what ends a perfect party…CAKE & Ice Cream

Thanks to everyone that came, We really enjoyed spending time with good friends and family .


  1. Laura

    so cute! Wish I could’ve been there, you are the best at planning parties.

  2. The Bennetts

    crazy fun party! Rachel Rules as the best hostess! Such a good mommy for such a cute rykel!

  3. becky

    what an awesome mom you are! people spend so much money going to fancy places for parties, but the kids have so much more fun in the backyard just playing games and eating cake. so fun to see your cute little ones.

  4. Kahilau

    Rach, you are my hero! It looks like you have the whole community there! What a great party. You better believe I will be stealing your ideas for Ezra this year! He loves that movie too. What the heck, so do I, it is hilarious. Nice job!

  5. Stephanie

    i love that last picture because of your face- you are so pretty and a fun, happy mom!

  6. brenley

    what a fun party! you guys are party planners of the century! i totally forgot to call ryk on her birthday!! i am the worst auntie!! i’m glad she had a kickin good time!

  7. Molly Bea

    Your parties are always fun….bummer we’re on a different islands! 😉


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