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Mama’s little helper…or SLAVE CHILD.

Jun 8, 2009 | Family Life | 6 comments

I love my little slave child…or mama’s helper, whatever you prefer to call him. He is cute & is always willing to be helpful. Sorry about the blurriness…but it kinda makes it look like he’s working REALLY hard & fast.

(this is proof that I DO mop my floors)


  1. jase

    NO!! this proves you have learned the art of teaching children to love making momma happy!! even better than you mopping your own floor…which i have seen one in the past two years! wa hahahahahaha!!
    Love you sweetness

  2. The Bennetts

    gotta love that sweet grin! you are one smart mama – make cleaning fun!

  3. Nikki

    Oh my kids LOVE to swiffer or sweep or use the dustbuster. You know what's really sad? I hadn't realized it had been sooooooo long since I had mopped– that the last time I mopped Bun asked me, "Mommy, what's that? What are you doing?" However, a few years ago, probably when Bun was a baby, Gabby and Pookie loved to help clean the floors. I gave them clean kitchen towels and little squirt bottles that just had water and told them to look for the big spots. That was so cool to have them loosen the big crud before I mopped.

  4. sanaejames photography

    My kids are "slave children" too. They dust, mop, even started vacuuming. Gotta capitalize on them wanting to help while they're young cuz I know they will be moanin' and groanin' in a few years! ha..ha..

  5. liko

    oh, sweet shae. such a nice little helper! you should hang out with malik and start rubbing off on him…

  6. Kristen

    I'm using this!! And I'm showing them pics… Lillie didn't believe me that other moms make their kids pick up their rooms too, until she went to your house!! hahahaha! I love the photo proof! my kids love to mom too.. Bradley tried to help me a couple of weeks ago…with the toilet brush… *sigh*


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