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Summer Test Trial

Jun 10, 2009 | Family Life | 11 comments

Well Summer has began and this summer will be my test. I have enrolled Klai in a Homeschool / Charter school where I will be doing the teaching with the help of their online & book curriculum. This starts in August. I am super excited & I have pumped her up to it….but the TEST is:

Can I teach her while having 2 youngins’ running around?

(cute cartoons I found)

So this Summer I have planned a basic (simple) curriculum for Klai, Rykel & Shae (we’ll see). We wake up, do our chores, eat breakfast while having morning devotional, 8am start “mommy homeschool” – 10am. Then snack, run wild…and then whatever outing I’ve got planned for the rest of the day.

If I can stick to this schedule, while keeping the baby happy, house somewhat organized & tidy…then I think I CAN DO IT!! I hope

Any suggestions on my TEST?


  1. Kristen

    Hahahahaha~ Love the cartoon! I'm saving that…
    PS: you can do it!

  2. Laura

    I have faith, you will rock at this

  3. liko

    woohoo! i think just get a feel as the days go on and see what schedule works best for you and your family. and then format your curriculum to suit that. that's the trick, i think, having school while keeping the other kids occupied somehow, too.

  4. ashley

    ok, when we get back i want to know how this is working out! i always think i want to home school but then have doubts. if there was enough fun moms doing this out there there could be a really fun group to do outings with and the like!

  5. The Bennetts

    if anyone can do it – YOU can!

    i did a similar thing with our kids in the summer when they were little – jase was 4 and 5 the years we did it. i loved it – and they did too after they got used to it. i have no doubt you will do great!

  6. stef j.

    i ditto ashley. we should start up a home-schooling mommies group.

    i think that's the only way i could do it.

  7. Nikki

    Just last night I made the decision to homeschool all the children exclusively through at least elementary school. I think the oldest would have a hard time staying home knowing his sister was going to school. The only reason I was planning on sending her was to enjoy the social outlet. But I think it needs to be someplace other the public school so as not to make the others jealous.

    So this summer, I'm trying to get the homeschool classroom ready and into a good routine. I'm also trying to read up on what works really well for others with homeschooling.

    I think it will be madness at first.

  8. echo

    i really like the thought of a scheduled out day. but in reality not all days work that way. that is the beauty of homeschool. things are done when you can get them done. some days you will do 5 chapters in math or history and then not work on it for a week.
    i think the important thing to remember is that you are home schooling, not having school at home, if you know what i mean. that means you run things your way, there is no 'right way' it is whatever works best for you. somedays the lesson could be about the baby, or going outside to study the grass and all the things that live there.
    kids have an insatiable desire to learn and sometimes putting a limit or forcing it stiffles that inner desire.
    but this is just my opinion.

    if we started a group i would for sure be apart of it. but you already knew that huh.

  9. echo

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. brenley

    way to go rach, i think that's great you are on board with it! i can't wait to see how it goes! i don't know if i have the patience for it – but maybe you'll inspire me:) good luck, you can do it!

  11. Stephanie

    i LOVE that you are doing this and that i get to learn from you!! (hope you dont mind) because i would love to do this sort of thing but my *ahem* husband who i dearly love is going to need some positive proof or convincing… we shall see. anyway, in the meantime PLEASE keep us all updated on how things are going and things you learn along the way. i would love it! you are such a good/inspiring mom to me!

    oh and thanks for offering to have ambrose over- he would LOVE it as well. i dont know your schedule – so see what works best for you and let us know and then as soon as i can get my act together i will for sure return the favor!!


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