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1st week of Summer…

Jun 15, 2009 | Family Life | 5 comments

Well this last week was the first week of SUMMER..and thus the summer program I have planned. I started out with ED Hirsch’s “what your….needs to know” and planning a curriculum around that.

Monday: 8 – 10am school. playtime after (I do some computer tasks), lunch, NAP time(thank goodness for naptime), Daddy comes home & we walk over to a close beach, come home, eat dinner, & end the day with FHE. What a day! It was crazy but filled to the max.

Tuesday: 8 -9 am school. Drive to town, drop Klai off at Gunstock Ranch to play with a friend. Walmart & Costco Run…drive home…kids sleep on way home – meaning no nap at home (bummer for sanity hour). Pick up Klai on way home(this time no eggs were brought home), outside playtime, kids asking “Can I go to a friends house” EVERY 5 minutes!

(found this picture of Gunstock Ranch on flickr..great isn’t it)

Wednesday: 7:30 – 7:45 school. Veggie pickup & sort day, finish by 9am. 9 – 9:50am ride bikes in the street with Tanner Tueller. 10am Story time at Kahuku Library, pick up some books. Home, snack, Went to the Beach with Tanner as my helper (thank goodness..I don’t think I could have survived without a helper). Lunch, Nap, Kids asking again “can I have a friend today?!” Run over to Gunstock Ranch for Girls Camp, help out. Come home make dinner, Go back to girls camp to help perform skit. FUN FUN FUn….exhausted.

(yeah I don’t know why I put these pictures of myself up here…but it is funny…this is ME,
EXHAUSTED and falling asleep where-ever & how-ever!)

Thursday: 8 – 9am school. 9am – go to the Ranch to help out with Girls Camp. eat lunch there, go down the zip line there. Come home at 3:30pm…kids FINALLY can take a nap. make dinner, go back up to camp…sleep there(not really sleep, chat till 3:30 am….leave to go home to feed baby at 5:30am)

Friday: feed baby, sleep, put movie on for kids, sleep some more, give kids food, sleep some more….sleep…grumpiness…sleep..make pizza for dinner, go back up to the ranch to help out again for girls camp..FUN FUN FUN & games! (everybody loves “big booty”)

Saturday: come home early again at 6am to feed baby. Daddy goes fishing in the morning, brings home an EEL…YUCKY!! Kids watch saturday morning cartoons..a tradition. eat breakfast. Walk to neighbors house for yard sale…got bags of rice, flour, sugar & brickettes…for CHEAP (finally getting some food storage). play, eat snacks, sleep somemore, kids play in sprinklers, nap time…sleep again for me, eat leftovers for dinner, watch “Prince of Egypt” (learning about that in school), eat popcorn & SLEEP!!

PHEW the week was too crazy!! I don’t think this week will be so full…I want to teach the kids to entertain themselves with books, backyard & each other…ANY IDEAS?


  1. liko

    haha, let 'em have free reign!! oh, and that's so cool – you doing yoga in your sleep! haha!!

  2. Stephanie

    that sleep picture was AWESOME! and your week sounds CRAZY but like lots of fun! i would so rather have time pass by in a crazy, fun blur than be bored- usually. 🙂

  3. Pop

    Glad to see that your life is normal. Cool picture of the fence and sunrise or sunset? I especially liked the pic of jase and the "puhi", great catch. They are supposed to be great eating. Just chop'em up in slices and fry it. Anyway, paradise looks soooo inviting. Have a great day.

  4. brenley

    wow! busy weeks can be hard but they are so fun and fun-filled! go rachel!

  5. us*limes

    busy, busy, busy. makes time fly by.

    DID you eat the eel? i want details!


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