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Like Momma, Like….

Jun 23, 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

& Dog?…

If remember THIS POST, you will see the similarities of our sleeping habits. YES once again Jase took some random pictures of the dog & me in the night. But the other day I went into wake up Shae from his nap…and low & behold he is just like his momma!! I LOVE IT.


  1. liko

    haha!! i LOVE it, too!!!

  2. Staci

    That is so fun! I love that Shae sleeps like you! That is a pretty great Wall of China too! You are such a wonderful example! Thank you Rachel!

  3. The Bennetts

    Such a cute shaemish photo! they are so sweet when they are asleep! You are lucky he's sweet when he is awake too!

    maybe he is a little more like his dad than we thought – he even works on brownie points when he is asleep!


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