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Birthday Events

Jun 29, 2009 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 8 comments

We started the day with an early hike (more like trail walk), Nat planned a treasure hunt. We followed a gold trail that clumsy Pirates left behind. So fun, she is so creative!

We finally arrive to the treasure & what is inside….Lollies!

Here is our hiker group. It was a blast.

Afterwards we went to Alligator Pond, it is so fun to let them explore in the rocks.

As I left I found out about MICHAEL JACKSON, sad day..and on MY birthday.

That afternoon Jase surprised me by having our good friend NAT, the saint, babysit ALL of our kids while we got to go on a date (free babysitting!!! wow that feels GREAT!)
So we went to Target to explore & then out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays…then on our way home Nat insisted that we stay out later (bless her soul)…so we did. We went & saw:

LOVED IT!! I give it 5 stars & I will totally go & see it again. I might have loved it more than Transformers 2…hahaha OK I totally loved it more.
I was laughing so hard at bits that I rolled in the aisle.

Then I went home & look what was waiting for me:

Well there was a whole plate of them…but by the time I remembered to take a picture I had eaten almost all of them. My other good friend made these wonderful
Chocolate dipped Cherries
for ME!!
Yeah for birthdays…..when do I get another one.


  1. kenzie

    that sounds like so much fun. Yes free babysitting is AMAZING!! I saw the proposal too and thought it was hilarious. I love ryan reynolds and sandra bullock so them together, you just can't go wrong!! Glad it was amazing and fun. you totally deserve it. love ya tonz

  2. The Bennetts

    looks like an amazing day! Nat is way creative – wish i could come on the hike – and to the movie – maybe next year – nope two years! WOW that is werid

    Glad you have such a wonderful sweetheart and great friends! You deserve both!

  3. Laura

    I'm so glad you had a good birthday friend!

  4. liko

    your birthday celebrations were the bomb! and ditto on the free babysitting!!

  5. Rebekah

    Happy Birthday! Free Babysitting, a good movie, AND chocolate dipped Cherries????? WOW! Sounds like a great birthday!!!!

  6. brenley

    sounds like the best birthday! how fun! the movie sounds great and the choco-dipper cherries- yum!! lets live by each other and we can swap weekends and always get free babysitting…i really want to live by my brother and his cute family! 🙂 maybe we should all just move to malaysia! or maybe hawaii sounds a little bit more heavenly….and not so hot.

  7. Love is all you need

    Sounds like an awesome birthday- the proposal was hilarious!! We are getting so old.. Happy Belated Birthday my love!

  8. Rach

    This is Jase Im too lazy to log out and back in again!

    Good thing for GOOD friends or I would have been up a creek! Yeah NATlicious!!


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