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Veggies & StoryTime

Jul 1, 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

My Wednesdays consist of picking up & sorting LOTS of fruits & veggies, Jase thinks I’m nuts..but I love our crazy co-op. And mostly I love the veggies…and the yummy fruits!

But we also go to the Library for story time. The Library has a reading program with “incentives” for the kiddos. I love it. They love it.

Here is the spread of books we picked up last week…and we’ll be getting more tomorrow.

who loves to read?!!!


  1. kenzie

    I do I do. :D, can we come for story time and veggies??? PLEASE??????????? with chocolate covered cherries on top??

  2. liko

    man, with all this talk of moms going to the library with their kids, i NEED to get myself a library card!! it used to be a tradition when we were young with my family. so fun!
    and i'm a HUGE fan of the co-op, so thanks for being crazy enough to do it!!!

  3. brenley

    we do, we do!! yeah for libraries:)

  4. Stephanie

    i love to read!! 🙂 we signed up for the summer program and then never got a chance to go back – but hopefully we wont be too late by time our vacation is over!


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