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A Birthday DATE & blessings from Heaven

Jul 3, 2009 | Birthdays, Celebrate | 12 comments

We decided this year with Klai that we would NOT have a birthday party with friends, just a family party. So she thought that a date with Mom & Dad would be part of her gift/party. As her birthday is approaching we quickly decided that today was the perfect day to go out. So as the day began & progressed we went to the beach & the plan was when we got home from the beach we would get ready, Dad would pick us up & we would set out on our date. I braided Klai’s hair, she put on her pretty pink dress & “high” heel shoes, she was just beeming. Jase was a bit late, so we jumped in the car & headed out.

It was fun conversation in the car with her, just chatting about Dad’s work & what movie she was excited to see.

We decided to go to Ihop for a quick dinner & we knew they would sing her a Happy Birthday Song. We got in, I prepped the waitress that we had a special birthday & we were in a hurry because we had to catch a movie in 45 minutes.

Well we ordered, Klai & I attend the bathroom & when we came back I noticed that I DIDN’T have my wallet. (I took it out of my purse & put it in the beach bag…why I did that..hmm…) I didn’t worry because Jase ALWAYS brings his. I asked him if he had cash & as he checked his face went white & his eyes bulged. Oh no I thought. NO he is joking, he HAS to be joking. He asked me if I had mine..”NO, did you leave it in the car?” He didn’t, I didn’t believe him. OH MY GOODNESS. what do we do? The food was ordered, I instantly thought..I am going to have to do dishes for my food…aaaahhh. Jase ran out to the car to DOUBLE check, & I went to the waitress. So embarrassed, quietly I explained the situation. She asked me if she should cancel it, I asked her to wait to see if my husband had found his wallet in the car. I ran out & ran back into Ihop…and told her SORRY & if she could cancel it. She asked & he had already made it, I apologized over & over. As I am leaving (Klai following me…being such a big girl & didn’t seem phased by the awkward situation…maybe she didn’t understand fully..she’s a great kid..anyway..) the manager of IHOP came to me & said, just come & eat & you can pay us later. NO…I couldn’t do that I explained. He said “No, don’t worry about it, next time you are in town You can come & pay us back.” “REALLY? Could we really? (I didn’t want to dissapoint Klai, I would have never taken and not paid in any other situation) We will come & pay, give us a slip & we will come back tomorrow & bring money. I am so sorry & totally embarrassed,” I rattle on & on.

As the waitress seats us again, the guys in the booth next to us gave us some money. I exclaimed, “no, no we are fine now..” But they insisted & in my head I thought “This is your chance to accept service & bless them for serving” and I began to tear up & graciously accepted the money. Two guys at that booth gave us $20 each & in another booth an older couple gave us another $20. Much MUCH more than we EVEN needed for the food. I had to fight the tears. We thanked them over & over again.
We ate our dinner, and as we were finishing up the waitress brought out Klai’s Ice cream & they sang. But who came with them to sing, the Guys that gave us money. Seriously who are these AWESOME strangers.

We enjoyed our yummy dessert & was about to pay for dinner when the waitress explained that those guys picked up the tab as well. So on top of giving us money (which we thought was for dinner) they paid for our food, so we could use the money to pay for the movie. HOW totally amazing is this?!! I was so touched by the spirit & their generosity. I cried! So when we left we gave $20 to the waitress for her tip.

We went & saw “UP,” actually got popcorn & candy from the theater & had leftover money to help pay for the baby sitter.

What a birthday gift…not just for Klai but for us. I will forever remember this day. This humbling & wonderful day. I have learned that there are so many wonderful people out there, out beyond our LDS borders. Thank you for this lesson.


  1. liko

    wow, rachel, that is amazing!!! wow!! i am so glad that everything worked out the way it did! and klai had an amazing birthday! something funny – i do that, too, i have a bag for church and one for the beach and a regular purse and sometimes i forget to transfer my wallet into the bag i am using. totally understand. you truly were blessed! and you strengthened my testimony for sharing this!

  2. Kristen

    Holy Crap.. I'm crying right now… people are cool.

  3. The Bennetts

    thanks for sharing!!! its something we all need to remember!

    (so embarrassing – crying in a hotel lobby! oh well, i don't care! love you guys!)

    Klailea Rocks!

  4. echo


  5. echo


  6. Stephanie

    that made me tear up! what a wonderful birthday for her and for you guys! it made me really happy that people were so nice to my friends- you guys do so many nice tihngs for others- this was just great.

  7. stef j.

    how awesome and amazing is that!!

  8. brenley

    i'm crying! that is so wonderful. there really are so many generous people out there. i want to be one of those. i'm glad i'm married to someone like that but i have much to learn. this post really helped. i'm so glad she had a great birthday and that you took her out on a special date. it's so neat for her to get one on one time with her sweet parents. love you guys! happy birthday klai!

  9. Shay

    what a sweet birthday experience. I love that you make birthdays such a big deal; I LOVE CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS too. those boys are so sweet

  10. sanaejames photography

    Thanks for sharing that! That reminds me that there are still good people out there in this world!!! Such a neat experience. Happy Birthday Klai!!!

  11. i'm erin.

    wow rach! I just read this post and I was so amazed. That is the best story ever. It makes me want to move back to hawaii because I love the aloha spirit. Good lesson for Klai to learn.

    Happy birthday…though it's a little late.

    luv auntie, erin

  12. us*limes

    man, i couldn't read the last half of this post through my tears. what amazing people. karma, baby. karma.


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