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Jul 8, 2009 | Family Life | 8 comments

When do I get to stop picking up sticky rice off the floor after our meals…..?

I hate sweeping RICE.


  1. liko

    so do i. but at my house, there's also cereal, crumbs, hair, spilt milk, last night's dinner sometimes, you know, the works.

  2. brenley

    agreed…sweeping rice does NOTHING but make it all clumped together and smeared. i can't even attempt to sweep it up here – there is only carpet where the table is….so frustrating.

  3. Pop

    Aaaahhhhh! The food of the sumo "Gods" and the staff of life that stick to your opu. Eat more rice. Your children will master the art of eating rice with more finese when they learn to master the chopsticks. Good luck. Perhaps you should make musubi or sushi rolls to help them with rice creativity and appreciation. Love to all.

  4. Kahilau

    I hate it too. Ok sounds nasty but let it dry out and is so much easier to get up. Oh wait in utah it takes about 5 min. not in hawaii though huh? So sad…. the bright side… you get to enjoy rice in hawaii

  5. i'm erin.

    um, when you move back to Utah and rice is too expensive to buy! ha ha ha

  6. echo

    ugh, i hate it too. and yeah kinda gross but i let it dry out

  7. The Bennetts

    better you than those nasty little night time visitors that frequent the neighborhoods over there!

  8. us*limes

    yah, we let it dry out too. but it takes until the next morning. but… we don't have rat problems. yet. maybe if i keep letting the rice dry until the next morning we will.

    let's eat rice together and see just how much we get on the floor.


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