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Great day turns….

Jul 15, 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

We had a full day……but this GREAT day turned…………………….not so great.

How do you keep up the patience & energy for your family?


  1. Natalie.

    One day when I LITERALLY had nothing left for my kids, I locked them all in their room, told them that mommy needed a minute and that if they got along nicely they could have a treat. I then took a shower and had a momentary freak out. I felt SO SO much better after even just 10 minutes without craziness all around.

    I'm so sorry you had a junk day.

    That will make our date tomorrow afternoon so much more exciting!

  2. jase

    maybe not hav a husband that is gone all day long and doesnt get back until after bedtime?

  3. us*limes

    maybe it would help if my kids saw my husband once in a while. more than once a week for a few hours. and maybe it will help once school starts again.

  4. Stephanie

    this is funny because i have often searched for a tired mommy picture online to describe this exact feeling on my blog- you found it! 🙂

    anyway, truth be told, i try and think of moms who seem to be able to handle it all and i think of like the nienie dialogues and other inspirational mothering sources like that and if that doesnt make me want to puke since they have it together and i DONT then i feel a little more purpose and inspired and now for the confession: i always think YOU have it together! so you are on that list!

    i think, rachel has 4 kids and wants at least two more…. i can handle this. i only have two… get it together! 🙂

    anyway, thats what helps me sometimes.


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