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Happy Days are Here again

Jul 17, 2009 | Family Life | 8 comments

There is something about a sleeping baby. No matter how upset the day can be….a sleeping kid/baby just makes me smile. And when they wake up they will be happy again…its like a good rain it makes the earth new again. And so it is with a nap…it makes the little ones happy again.

Shouldn’t we ALL still take naps?…

(not everyday this happens, 3 hours at the park will make this ONE go down)

I LOVE these munchkins!


  1. Stephanie

    oh amen! im having myself a little piece of heaven as well as i type this. its magic when all the kids go down at the same time.

    and perfect comparison by the way. naps are wonderful!

  2. liko

    yes – naps!!! LOOOOOOVE!!! if my kids get enough energy burned, it's a guarantee. otherwise, nada. and looking at a slumbering kid or baby — priceless.

  3. echo

    yes, today was a great day.

  4. The Bennetts

    boy – super mom – four kids all asleep during the day at the same time! Way to go Rach!

  5. brenley

    they are soo cute!!!

  6. stef j.

    all at the same time!! W H O A !!

  7. i'm erin.

    ahhhh…come on, did you give them benedryl?

    ha ha…just kidding. Come to my house and put my kids down.

  8. Natalie.

    It's true, no matter how off the wall they are, once they're down to sleep, all that just washes away and you forget about all of it.


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