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Blogging Hiatis

Aug 6, 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

SCHOOL has officially started for us. HOOT HOOT! We have enrolled Klai in :
It is a homeschool academy. We receive all our curriculum & supplies from: FREE
But because we enrolled in HTA & they are considered a public school, their funding goes to purchasing the supplies. So we enjoy the benefits of public school but the results of Homeschool. LOVE IT.
It has definitely been a challenge balancing LIFE. So many things are taking a back seat to homeschool & feeding the bellies; blogging, sleep, exercise & most of all cleaning. I give much PROPS to all those who homeschool & their house is still clean….
(please don’t come over..hahahah only unless you want to clean it for me.)


  1. echo

    sorry i came and woke you all up so early that day. sometimes i forget that not everyone has a daughter that wakes up at 5:30 every morning.
    good luck with the schooling. i wanna chat about it when you get a chance to see how you are liking it and stuff.
    um, by the way, we need to hang out. it has been a long time.

  2. brenley

    way to go!!! sounds like a great hookup! go rachy!

  3. Stephanie

    sounds WONDERFUL! like i have mentioned before- i am so excited that you are doing this so the rest of us can learn from it too hopefully! please please keep us all posted about day-to-day, how you are liking it, what works, what doesnt… of course once you get a chance, which may not be a for a while which we will all totally understand! good luck!

  4. Unknown

    Maybe we need to do a kid swap some afternoons so we can each have a day to work on our house for a few hours once a week and the 6 year olds can get some play time!? Lets discuss some scheduling!


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