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Rykel’s NEW school

Aug 17, 2009 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

My Chubby little baby is growing up & becoming a young little girl. I LOVE IT. she is so big now. She is now in her 2nd year of preschool & loves her new school.

Packed & ready to go to school,
using Klai’s old lunch box till Mom buys a new one.

Old & New friends, new carpool, lots of NEW NEW FUN!

Her wonderful new teacher (1 of the many), Mrs. Wasson.

This school really focuses on Letters & reading. I LOVE IT. The kids that came out of this school that went to Kindergarten with Klai were distinctly ahead of the crowd. They really care & take 1 on 1 time with the kids. We are so blessed to have Rykel in this school.


  1. The Bennetts

    i love her pigtails! they look so cute on such a cutie pie! What a smile! i can't believe how big she is getting. all the kids are growing up so fast!

  2. Stephanie

    is it bright beginnings?

  3. liko

    hands-down bright beginnings is the best!!! a lot of the teachers quit working in the public grade schools to work for mrs. wasson. great teachers. and i love mrs. allison!!!

    now that malik is 3 i'm thinking it's probably too late to get him in??

  4. kenzie

    wow, I can't believe how big she is. I LOVE the pigtails. She is so gorgeous. Seriously you guys are going to have trouble when Klai and Rykel get a little older, every boy is going to be chasing after them!! love you all lots, and miss you tonz

  5. brenley

    that smile is tooooooo cute!!! what a doll!

  6. stef j.

    bright beginnings then?


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