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I need NEW shoes

Sep 9, 2009 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

I have stuck with my habit of walking every morning…EARLY..I actually love it now. Who knew I could be a morning person…ask MOM, I AM NOT a morning person.
But I have grown to love it. But I get up & go walking, come home & do a short work out & still have enough time to get the breakfast ready before too many littlies come wandering out of their beds.
It’s nice to be a little step ahead of my day..I feel more in control. BUt look what happens in the humidity of Hawaii…my bottoms of my shoes have FALLEN apart. I totally need a new pair of shoes. YARD SALING here i come.

1 Comment

  1. brenley

    tomorrow IS saturday and i hope you find a good pair!! mine are about to bite the dust but i am holding on, well, until the sole falls off like yours 😉


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