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More hills to board so we dont get bored…pah ha…nevermind

Sep 12, 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

We had so much fun we decided to find more hills to cruise together. We have fun together and I am stoked that my wife is willing to try new crazy things that mothers of 5 don’t typically do. I love my wife so much!!! (Maybe I should start counting myself as 2 kids instead of just 1…)

Any other couples want to start finding fun hills to cruise for fun free date times?

This was rach’s first run on this hill. I told her one of my friends did not want to go up that high….so what does she do? watch and see…

Why am I so serious… idea! I am having a blast!! With my one and only!!


  1. liko



    go rach!!

  2. jase

    I guess to clarify….we are not pregnant…I just love confusing my family because they are used to us being pregnant at about this time. Sorry for the "scare!" pah hahahahahaha

    And yes my wife is super cool for playing with me today!

  3. brenley

    ok, the that is all so awesome and i wish i could be there riding with you guys but i see one very important thing missing (besides myself) HELMETS!! not to be the safety nazi but having two kids puts safety in a different perspective….just my thoughts though…

    the hill hoping looks like SOO much fun!!!!

  4. ashley

    rad! you guys are so fun, love it!


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