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Ohana Video Closes TODAY!

Oct 1, 2009 | Family Life | 9 comments

As most of you know, we decided to close our doors. Basically we have been supporting the store instead of the other way around. And we have been so fortunate to have been granted the opportunity to get out of our lease…so WE TOOK IT. And it came fast. The sale started less than a week ago & it was a mad house. (once I find my card reader you will see the craziness)
Our fabulously GREAT friend took these pictures this morning. Our last & final day that we will be open for business….sniff sniff!!
NAH!! We are excited to say GOODBYE & focus on more important things in our lives.
SO remember all SALES are FINAL!! We will see you round the loop again sometime. Maybe if you are in LAIE & need a house…we definitely can help you out there. Or if you need Veggies, I’m your co-op lady! HA!

check out more pics at Natalie Norton Photography


  1. jase


  2. brenley

    i love the pictures!! so fun and bittersweet! good luck with the last few hours!

  3. Pop

    Another chapter in life closes. Isn't life an adventure? Love you guys!

  4. Laura

    Love the pictures, it's crazy you won't have the store!! I need to call and find out what is going on in your life!

  5. Stephanie

    GREAT pictures- what a beautiful way to document this awesome time in your lives- onward and upward for sure!

  6. liko

    love those photos!!

    and what a great feeling of relief, huh?

  7. us*limes

    ok, i will say what i said on nat's site. i cried. CRIED. hard, too. and i couldn't stop. erik asked me if i missed my brother and i cried all the harder. cause i do. i miss everyone. and i just realized how much. the photos are so fun. nat is wonderful. and to not have the store will be bliss.
    love you!

  8. kenzie

    ditto shanda ditto. Its hard because I remember working at the store when jase and rach first bought it when I would visit. Its pretty emotional, but on to better things, Love you jase and rach and i know that you will succeed in what is coming next. you both are so amazing and we are lucky to have the most amazing brother and sis (inlaw) in the world!! xoxoxoxox


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rach and jase cut

Rachel is a vlogger and stay-at-home mom! When she's not filming fun videos for the "Ohana Adventure" and the "Rach Bennett" channels, she is sharing amazing lifestyle, travel, parenting, and homeschool tips here on the blog.

Jase is an entrepreneur, surfer, skater, fisherman, and the best dad ever! When he’s not creating silly Reels (@jasebennett), you can find him sharing adventures on the blog & great entrepreneurial tips on his podcast: The Decode.


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