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Oct 4, 2009 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

So we found out that we were able to close our store on Thursday. So that afternoon we made the decision to start Friday Sept 25th for our SALE. So the word went out Thursday by Text, Facebook, Twitter & email. Friday morning Jase sent out flyers to the community & BYUH boxes. AND BOOM…look what happened Friday at 1:45pm.
THe line went all the way to the theater….can you see a few of our favorite friends?!!

The store filled up fast…and stayed filled ALL DAY LONG!

Most people grabbed atleast 20 – 40 movies each. Some purchased over $150 worth of movies. It was seriously a mad house..trying to get people their movies, trying to control a clean shopping environment & keeping happy while they waited in line for over an hour.
BUT it was an awesome & fun experience. I was there from 8am – 12am. Phew..good thing its over now.

If you look you can see how the line goes to the left & all the way to the new release..HOLY COW!!


  1. The Bennetts

    Craziness – good craziness though – glad its over for you – YIPPEE!

  2. kenzie

    wow, i remember being there from the beginning when it all started in the 10 by 10 space to this. What a marker this will be to remember. Kind of emotional thinking its all ended, but on to better things :D.


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