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New Moon Night

Nov 20, 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

What a night! With a great group of friends…more than just those in the picture. We had a BLAST. giggling & laughing & shushing & giggling some more…so fun.
We were lucky to go to the midnight showing here in Laie.
(Stef J, Anna, Edward, Doretha, Me & Molly)
Even here in the picture he sparkles…HAHAHHA!!
The teams we support!!
top: Matti, Liko, Stef J, me, Anna
Bottom: Steph R, Echo & molly
(Blurry I know…I hate to even post it, but till someone sends me a better copy..this is it! )

Some other friends that had even COOLER shirts…gotta learn to do the art of freezer paper


I thought this movie was far better than TWILIGHT. The actings, the lighting, the soundtrack, how they followed the book…FAR BETTER.
Gonna see it again with my HUBBY!


  1. liko

    i totally agree. they did waaaaay better with this one. i didn't leave disappointed.

    thanks for saving us seats and for helping us do the shirts!!!

    woohoo! can't wait til i can get my own dvd.

  2. liko

    oh, and i'm gonna steal a pic or two….if ya don't mind.

  3. Stephanie

    yep yep- i'll be goin again for sure! thanks for saving my poor short- it looked great by time you were done with it!

  4. echo

    lets go again!!!

  5. echo

    lets go again!!!


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