Rachel Bennett

Remember when...

Remember when it was just a cute couple hiding in the trees.
Then came Klai..who was just as adorable as can be.
We had to have another girl and Rykel turned out to be the sweetest thing to ever cuddle.
But it was getting to be very girl dominant, so we added a little / chunky Shae!

And then there was #4 what a fun crazy boy he turned out to be.
We love our little family, but we just couldn't stop there...

So coming to you May 2010

Evelin something something Bennett

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    19 comments on “Remember when...”

    1. wowza! Did you have your ultrasound today? Congratulations - little girls are so wonderful!!! Post a pic of your preggo tummy!

    2. HOLY MOLY you amazing woman! Oh, we are so happy for you guys. I love her name! You guys seriously are my heros! Tell me 4 if not a NIGHTMARE! I am terrified but know there are more kids up there. Anyway, So happy for you guys!

    3. yup...that's what I heard. From your sis, Erin....CONGRATS lady! We are so excited for you! You baby making machine, you!

    4. evelin! cute! you guys are rad.

      oh, and this is the first time in weeks that i have been able to comment on your blog, by the way! strange!

    5. Congrats you guys! You have the most gorgeous kids, so why stop at 5 eh? 😉 Can't wait to see what she looks like.

    6. congrats again 🙂 and i love the sequence of pictures! so darling! fun to see your family grow and grow! keep 'em coming...can't get enough of your cute children!

    7. YAY, Im so excited to get another niece to dote on. Im not having a girl so they will be my princesses and hopefully I will get to spoil them :D. Love you all and miss you terribly can't wait for July!!

    8. oh i LOVE the name!!!! and i love all these pictures of the bennetts before i knew them! im guessing the last one is a natalie norton? so beautiful.

    9. Yay for girls outnumbering boys! Jase is used to it - so he can just get over it. It was a tender mercy for him to be even for awhile (2 years when he was little - almost 2 years presently). Now its back to normal!

    10. ok, since i haven't talked to anyone... is is ev-e-lin, or eve-lin? i am guessing eve-lin, but just checking. cause you know, the way i spell names doesn't make sense to people. but congrats! she will have three mommies and three protectors! lucky gal.

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