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My Man is 30

My Man turned 30 this year...on the blessed day of FEBRUARY 14.

We planned a nice quick trip to the Big Island without kids..WAHOO!! Thank goodness to Cousin Jacob & Janice who watched the kids. We had a blast. It was so nice to go through the airport without LOTS of luggage & kids. We arrived & went straight up to Waimea to visit some good friends, Molly & Trevor Carter. (Sad no pictures) We ate at a fabulous THAI restaurant & chatted with them into the wee hours of the morning. The next day we drove down to Kona to go to the Temple:

I love visiting where we got married...LOVE IT. It's amazing how the smells, the things we see, how everything brings those feelings back of that day. What a wonderful experience.

Afterwards, we went around Kona town & shopped for Jase's birthday...he REALLY needed new shoes & clothes. That was fun, ate & then stopped by Aunty Danelle's house.

We love them, love chatting with them & visiting. We always feel welcome & at home there.

And seeing Grandma Calabio is always wonderful. She really wanted to see the Great Grandkids, so we promised to bring them next year.

A quick 28 hours of a trip, I wish we could go longer on an adventure just the two of us...maybe in a few years.

And for the HECK of it 30 things about JASE:

1-He loves me & tells me every day.

2- He is the youngest person in Hawaii to get their Broker's license...WAHOO BABY!!

3 - He loves his job: putting families into homes.

4 - He loves to Mountain Bike, but hates getting hit by cars when on his bike.

5 - He love the color Orange.

6 - He's better at loading the dishwasher than I am.

7 - He loves to sing.

8 - He's very GOOD at singing.

9 - He used to have straight blonde hair as a kid & it's now dark & curly-ish.

10 - He loves to wrestle with the kids.

11 - He loves his "man" time (time with just the boys).

12 - He does great Daddy-Daughter Dates.

13 - He is very inventive - you should see the tents he makes in the living room.

14 - He modeled when he was 3 & 4 years old.

15 - He will eat ANYTHING I make...even if it looks questionable.

16 - He loves to snowboard.

17 - He is beginning to REALLY love surfing & is quite good too.

18 - He's good at most sports, even 1-handed cartwheels.

19 - He is just under 6' tall.

20 - His favorite shows are: Office, Heroes, Chuck, & Shark Tank

21 - He is a seminary teacher

22 - He is definitely a TRUCK man.

23 - He has cried at each childs birth, I love this about him.

24 - He cooks REALLY good, especially FISH.

25 - He misses Stream fishing.

26 - He will hardly ever tell me he is physically hurt, but will always show me his NARLY wounds.

27 - He loves to read & listen to book on tape, especially Church or Business Books

28 - His favorite Chick Flick: Notting Hill.

29 - He gets tanner than I do...sad. Maybe because he is related to Pocahontas.

30 - He is an amazing father & wonderful husband.

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    4 comments on “My Man is 30”

    1. so glad to know that at least one of the guys in the family learned how to load a dishwasher - could he please teach his Dad!

      Jase is awesome - and he married an awesome and amazing woman! - love you!

    2. that is funny, mom! and good jase is such a wonderful helper in the kitchen! he is also such a wonderful big brother! i've always looked up to him and he has taught me so much (both good and bad..heehee!). happy birthday brother! glad you guys got to go spend some time alone! fun!

    3. YAy for you guys getting away from the kids...and YAy to Jace! I'm comin' up right behind him...my 30th is creeping up on me next week...yikes! CONGRATS JACE! Wish we were there to celebrate with ya!

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