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Tsunami Tsaturday

I received my Tsunami Warning like always and thought wow Chile...That sounds bad. Then at 4am I woke up to rach pounding on the wall at the students telling them to "SHUT IT." Then Rusty starts going nuts barking at a knock at the door. I hear Tsunami and I look at my silenced phone and I have like 5 Tsunami warnings. Rach and I spring into emergency mode and in minutes we have all our gear ready and set. Then we find out that it will not hit until 11am! now what to do...
We got some friends ready and headed up to the hills at 6:10 am. We got set up and were super excited about our set up. So Richie and I went back to the homes to prep them fill up with gas and bring our niceties back up the hill.

This is us waiting and watching....quite a surreal moment. waiting to see if our homes and town that we love will be swept away and ruined by a bunch of dirty salt water.Rykel and Klai nearly understood what was going on and liked the good company!! These moments are what I live for!! (i just hope it doesn't take tsunami sized events to being them together) But oh wait now he sees it........................ Welcome to our corner of the camp...we rocked this out and were ready for the long haul!! (glad we didn't need it!!)

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    6 comments on “Tsunami Tsaturday”

    1. That is definitely a surreal experience. We were worried about you guys and your town and so glad nothing bad happened. It was crazy trying to call you and calls not getting through so I was glad the news here was reporting on the status there.

    2. calls were coming through......rach just wasnt picking up and turned off her ringer....bad rachee bad rachee!!!!!

    3. yeah, those weird messages on your phone made me SO nervous! so glad a few of my calls went through - i was a wreck until i talked to you! oh wow, it really did put things in perspective! i am so glad you are all ok and that no damage was done! love and miss you guys!

    4. Hawaiians will take any excuse to party - no wonder i love them so much! Positive attitudes!

      definite tender mercies!!!!!

    5. wait- jase blogs? awesome. you guys for sure had the most stylin camp and would have been in good shape had some dirty salt water attacked your home!

    6. Wow. Isn't it amazing how such a scary experience can kick our butts into gear? I'm so glad you were prepared. After our first tornado in North Dakota, we got our 72-hour kits in shape real fast.

      I'm so glad you guys are safe. AND your home!

      With us almost moving this month, I have started to see our junk in a whole new light. I'm decluttering like a crazy woman.

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