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72 hour kit rotation & DINNER

So these questions have helped me to do some NEEDED preparation. I didn't rotate & update our 72 hour kits this past I did it TODAY (wednesday).

Rotating for adults is almost not needed - I rotate some of the clothes items because here in Hawaii...they tend to get that SMELL!!

But rotating for KIDS is so needed - so doing it on conference is perfect. But I had a hard time deciding what to put into their bag...because I don't know if they can really CARRY the bag. I have one bag for Klai & Shae & one bag for Rykel & Wyatt.

Kids bags hold:

2 L water

2 changes of clothes/kid

small first aid kit w/toiletries

utensils / dishes

small snacks

either 2 MRE's or 3 cans of food

WHAT ELSE DO I NEED? without making it too heavy

(remember: mom & dad bags hold all equipement needed, fuel & lighting, extra infant needs. And we have an extra bag for just FOOD - MRE's, canned food, etc)

So because some items were outdated/expired....we decided these food packs we would eat for dinner. PERFECT TIMING because I got all wrapped up in this 72 hour kit thing I haven't even thought about DINNER.

So we ate:

(review of Lasagna - not bad, actually better than some boxed meals like hamburger helper. I liked it)

(review of Chicken: I REALLY liked this one. The meat was actually pretty good, it could have used some extra spices, but it was still good & the potatoes were just like from potato pearls with extra flavorings. GOOD PURCHASE!)

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    6 comments on “72 hour kit rotation & DINNER”

    1. That's a fun idea to eat your expired stuff for dinner. We have a bunch of MREs I need to check and dinner would be a fun idea. Or the next time we camp.

    2. We are so glad you were safe--we were thinking about you constantly! Good ideas to get more prepared. You are awesome.

    3. make sure you put contact numbers in each pack - parents - grandparents - aunts or uncles even. We also put pertinent info on each card - blood type - name and address. We used to have these in CA for each of us. Do you still have the 6 person 72 hr kit in your car that we left? Probably needs some rotation?

    4. i think we should have a preparedness mom book club night. i have my little binder i am working on but these meals- wow- i want in. i want in NOW!

    5. Agree with the emergency number list/documents... laminate them in case they get wet. 🙂 Good job! Love mountain house too!

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