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School is finished

We started out this year with a new school; HTA a charter / homeschool program. It was a GREAT experience & I would highly suggest it to ANYONE. The curriculum is from K12.com, based on the "What your 1st (anygrade) grader should know." She learned a lot, I learned A LOT! One of my favorite things about the program was having a status area showing how many lessons we had left in each subject & most importantly the date we would finish. SO THAT was our motivator, I would see that date go from late May to early May to April. If Klai was motivated that day to get things done we would do an extra lesson. For History & Science we rotate with another Mom & teach that 2x a week, that will finish tomorrow. Other than that, KLAI is finished with school.

So we pushed & pushed to be done (mostly because the baby will be here next month & I wanted a month to make freezer meals, organize the house & prep for the baby), and we talked about how exciting it will be. NOW Klai (after only 2 days) is stir crazy. So I am looking for extra practice worksheets, crafts, self activity things, basically ANYTHING to keep her busy.

Any Ideas?
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    8 comments on “School is finished”

    1. Find a language course and have her start a second language. Rand suggests Hawaiian, maybe Jase would pick French - i'm always up for Russian. Spanish maybe - it would always be helpful.

    2. How exciting to be finished with school! Especially before the baby arrives. Too bad you don't live down the road from me. It would be so fun to have our kids play together and keep them occupied.

    3. So exciting. Maybe you could start working on next year's curriculum on a very casual, you don't actually HAVE to do it yet, way. Or she could learn life lesson kinds of things. How to make a salad, sandwich, rice, soak and cook beans, etc. Or how to sew on a button, sew a pillow, sew on snaps. How to scrub a toilet, clean a sink, clean the bathtub, sweep the floor.

      Or you could mail her to her Auntie Nikki and she will realize how good she has it at home. hahaha

      I like the idea of learning a second language. I can't remember the name of the program that Danny told me about. Lots of libraries carry it. I'll get back to you.

    4. "what your 2nd grader needs to know" since it won't be all repetitive next year. we're reviewing the "1st grade" version- it's more brief but hopefully brings back everything we've done this year.

      we do journal, spelling list each morning and a math sheet (review)- that money stuff still trips him up and adding two digits (redistributing vs. carrying numbers- i taught him it meant the same). he wants to do cursive and multiplication, so we can play around with that now.

      i should do some japanese- they liked those chinese characters. we can swap for something you want to do?

    5. send her to my house and she can help me with my kids!!! haha

      I think these are all wonderful suggestions though and I know you will come up with great things too cuz you are just so clever and crafty! She is lucky to have you as her mama and teacher!

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