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10 year Reunion TRIP


So I knew my class reunion was coming up, but when I learned the dates were a month earlier than our trip to Utah would be...I knew I wouldn't be able to go. I still had high hopes that a miracle would happen & we could go. WELL it did..Monday before the reunion flights went half off & Jase got paid better than expected...so YES we did it. Jase, EVE & I bought the tickets & we did a quick trip to Utah. We had many babysitters for the kids: paul staples & fam, Hyde Fam, Jacob & Janice & Kaisha Ho Ching.

SO we left Wednesday...

We arrived in Vegas around midnight, we got a hotel for $20 & I went to sleep.

Jase went down to the Mac store around 2AM & waited in line to get the new IPhone4, he was #15 in line. At 7am there was over 3000 people in line to get phones. He got his & came back to the hotel, we checked out & hit the road to Utah a little after Lunch time.
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    7 comments on “10 year Reunion TRIP”

    1. that looks like the best trip ever! And what a great reunion and birthday! Now we are looking forward to seeing you guys in August for our Calabio reunion!!!

      p.s. that's a freaky broken phone! I'm glad you told me the story though because I was SUPER-DUPER OCD careful with my phone until I got a case on it (well, I'm still careful now but at least it's not super slippery like it was. Note to apple - why oh why is a phone made of glass?!!!). And then when cases came in at our local store I didn't care what color it was - I just wanted some protection. which is why I have a 90s/purple case.

    2. It was good to see you and your adorable new baby. I'm glad you had fun at the reunion and that you posted pics!

    3. Ah! sounds like a LOT of fun! Thanks so much for letting my husband crash at your place AGAIN, and hanging out with him so he didn't get too bored:) Wish I could have come chat with you! You guys really need to move over here...we are doing MBTA and would love to chat with you!!! When do you head to Utah? we will be there Aug 4-Sept 14, me and the boys that is...except for the end of ten days that trev and I will be in Italy...we need to catch up, but again thanks for taking trev! 🙂

    4. Thanks for posting all these pics I LOVE LOVE LOVE the updates. The reunion looked super fun. Didn't it feel nutso to see all those people. I can't wait for girls night when you get out here again.

    5. sounds like you had a fully loaded fun trip! We'll have to catch you guys when you guys come back for the second time around! call us!:)

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