Rachel Bennett

I feel OLD

As I continue to go to bed LATER than I should, I feel old the next morning.

As I plan Pre-School Curriculum with my good friends, I realize my BABY #3 is going to Preschool with their Baby #1...hmmm. I Feel Old.

As we practice soccer in the yard with the girls, my thighs burn after a few minutes. I Feel Old.

As I go to YW's & I'm their "leader," and they talk about music, styles & boys...I REALIZE my old logo t-shirt, semi flared jeans, whose boyfriend is 30 & listens to very outdated. I feel OLD.

Each day when I have arguments with my children, fold more & more laundry, wash the pee off the floor & around the toilet; I realize I miss my MOM more & more & wish that I could be the kid for just 1 more day, I FEEL OLD.

As I blog stalk all my good friends, I realize my Baby #5 is the same age as my Best Friend's Baby #1, I FEEL OLD!


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    12 comments on “I feel OLD”

    1. I really like these kinds of posts! Not because you feel old!!! 🙂 But because it tells so much about your life and gives us all an insight that we wouldn't normally see or hear about. You are not old. In fact I thought about you as you dropped me off last night and how have five children and seem so so young - amazing. You are young.

    2. The fact that you have five kids and I have just one doesn't make you any older than me. If anything it means you are younger.....more running around : )

    3. I felt REALLY old this past week when I went in to get my glowing white roots colored and then when I asked my usually awesome hair stylist (who I still love) to take off just a tiny bit because I'm growing my hair longer this fall but come out of there feeling really chopped and with a more "mom-ish" curly hairdo more than usual. I seriously felt old and not so young and cute.

    4. Remember how you look just as fantastic as you did in highschool? You are beatiful and wonderful and motherhood has only made you more hilarious and strong.

    5. I'm feelin it to Rach! And it is mostly from being around the miamaids because they talk about all these hot celebritys and then I remember that I am 12 years older than Justin Beiber and I can't think he is hot!

    6. Amen sister! I was just thinking that right as I sat down to look at blogs. Well my friend, you are not OLD, you are however ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

    7. if you are old, i am even older...ouch! you are so fun and young and g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s 🙂 love you.

      p.s. i still have yet to make my homemade detergent and shampoo...but it's on the list of things to do and i'm sure i'll think of you every time 🙂

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