Rachel Bennett

Monday, Monday

Oh yes it is definitely MONDAY.

Went to bed late last night
Doze off & I hear, "mom I peed."
Change the peed sheets.
Then smell the POOP!
Turn on light & see POOP everywhere: not in the diaper though.
Pick up poopy body & put child into bath to loosen dried on poo.
Gently pull off sheets as to not drop any poop onto the ground or bed.
SCRUB & SCRUB the bed, the slats of the crib, the wall.
Put clean sheets on bed.
SCRUB the poopy child's body.
Put new diaper on child with shorts this time.
Put child into bed.

BACK to sleep.

Wake up a few hours later to "mom the baby is hungry."
Get out of bed, feed baby.
Fall asleep burping baby, put baby back to bed.

Back to sleep.

An hour later wake up to FRANTIC Jase..."WHAT TIME IS IT?!"
Oh no he is late to teach seminary.
Dog is barking, very LOUD!
People are at the door, he runs to find that his seminary class has come to retrieve their teacher!

Back to sleep.

5 minutes later, wake up to; "MOM can I have breakfast?!"

OK it is definitely MONDAY! sigh

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    5 comments on “Monday, Monday”

    1. one of those days! ugh...Those times I wish I could just lay in bed all day...but motherhood calls. ahahaha...

    2. Oh wow! That is one crazy intense night/morning!!! I sure feel for you. Hang in there - it will get better. At least in a few years it will. I hope. 🙂

    3. Oh dear- these are the days aren't they? 🙂 Man, whenever we have days like these they always feel like putting out one fire after another but you did it and survived! I am still and probably always will be impressed with all you can do. Keep it up friend.

    4. i can't help but laugh! those are days i wish justin could stay home and let me sleep all day. i hope you recovered and made it through the day. and what in the world is wy man doing pooping in the middle of the night!

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