Pumpkin Patch 2010 with 5 kids

This year we went as a homeschooling group. I posted it out in our google group & opened the flood gates to TONS of people. Normally to our HENS (Home Educators of the North Shore) there are 10 or so families that come & participate in our functions. WELL when you get a great deal on the pumpkin patch & you get to beat the crowds, who can resist.

Our "school" group got to have an Educational Tour, we first learned about what & how they farm. Then we took pictures waiting for the HayRide.
(Which I must admit, I am too cheap to pay for & so we have NEVER gone on the ride before today.)

Then after hayride we got to go & pick our pumpkins.
So of course JASE got the BIGGEST possible pumpkins.

I like this picture because we are trying to organize the fam for a picture, I love how candid it is.
THANKS matti!

And here is our NICE fam picture in the fields. Lovely.

As we loaded the car, which was parked RIGHT NEXT TO the corn fields, Jase thought it would be funny to run though & scare the children. SO He DID.

I love how the children are bewildered to where dad will come out next. YEAH for FUN daddies!
And of course the children must chase daddy. EVERYWHERE .

And again our last family picture in the corn fields.
I enjoyed the pumpkin patch very much. I appreciate not having to get bundled up to go to the patch, and worry about shoes, jackets, mittens, etc. BUT OH how I miss the fall colors, the brisk air as you pick your favorite pumpkin. AAAHH Fall, one day I will see your true colors again.
Till then, Adeu!

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    6 comments on “Pumpkin Patch 2010 with 5 kids”

    1. how fun! I didn't realize there was a pumpkin patch near you. We have a couple to choose from here and we are looking forward to it.

    2. Yep. Pretty sure you guys should come live by us so we can all play together. Yep. I'm sure.
      Also, you and Nat rock!!!! Can't wait to lose what I've already gained (due in April)

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