LaieBennett Newsletter Issue #1

Aloha Fans,

The LaieBennett Newsletter brings you information regarding all the BORING stuff that happens in this crazy house. Mostly consisting of updates, wierd statistics, odd conversations & all the fun stuff that REALLY belongs in a journal...but for the most part MAY NEVER make it into a formal journal. SO here goes:

Evee will be 6 months in a week. I love this stage. I love that she lights up when I see her. I love that she rolls & wiggles all over the place. (in the pic: Jase is tickling the foot that found its way out of the crib...she giggled & eventually brought the foot cute!)

Halloween this year was my favorite costumes setup yet. Although Flintstones last year was awesome. I don't make the best blonde, but I loved Miss Evee as a munchkin. As I look back, Halloween was a stressful month, but very eventful & FUN.

Bennett Chickens are almost 6 months also & now they have started laying eggs. All in one day they all laid an egg (the 3rd came later in the day, so no picture of all). But they haven't laid an egg for 2 days since they all laid an egg. Mind boggling to me how this works. BUT so exciting.

STRESSFUL RACH: Life has been very stressful lately. Its hard to find a good release since I can't run anymore. But today we got to go to the Temple again for the Last day of the Open House. AND that was what I needed. Although keeping little hands from touching things was a bit stressful, it was so calm. It gave me a bit of peace I needed inside. sighA Great Idea: A few days ago I went to a parenting book night over at Laurie Tueller's House...and I really got a good epiphany. I've been having a hard time with certain parenting topics & at the book night everyone shared some great tips. THE epiphany tip I got was:

SLOW DOWN Bedtime Routine & Share personal Stories instead of a book. Really Chat with the kids & share those experiences with them to bond with them.
*We did it tonight & it was a great bedtime experience.

BEST MOMENT: At bedtime Jase & I shared stories, then the girls wanted to tell made up stories. Rykel told about stockings & chimneys. She kept saying "Chimdey" instead of Chimney....not sure why, but it was the funniest thing.

THE COOL STUFF: Nat took some beyond Awesome pics of Jaseboards at the Tarp Surfing. (I can't wait to post about tarp surfing, they do some cool things!) Jaseboards is on its way...and I'm so excited for Jase.

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    5 comments on “LaieBennett Newsletter Issue #1”

    1. you were Glenda the good witch? AMAZING, my mom would be so proud. Exciting stuff with Jase, love the little sneaky foot and love your ideas on slowing down the bedtime routine.

    2. Luv the family pics, cute stuff. Nice boards, hope they catch the eye of the board riders. Nice to see the "good life" you are all enjoying. Awesome family, Aloha to all.

    3. love the catch up on everyone! Such great photos. It's too bad you didn't make the baby a flying monkey though - that would have been hilarious with all your awesome costumes!

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