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Tooth Fairy Visits the Bennetts

Jan 13, 2010 | Family Life | 6 comments

I have been waiting for this moment since her top tooth started to wiggle…but I think she stopped wiggling it. But she finally wiggled the bottom one ALMOST out & I popped it out fast. She was beaming with excitement! We had just finished reading Junie B. Jones’s tooth fairy story. SO FUNNY! So Klai was anxious to see what the tooth fairy would bring.

This little munchkin, can’t stop showing people her hold in her mouth. And Friday night (Jan.9th) the Tooth Fairy brought her a $2 bill. I think rates have definitely gone up since the fairy visited me. But I think she gave her a special bill because it was the first tooth. I don’t think the fairy will be bringing that EVERY time!!

What does the tooth fairy bring at your house?


  1. Kahilau

    What a big girl! Yay for Klai! I was thinking a quarter or something like that. Ezra's friend got 6 dollars cause he was 5 and then one more for good luck! Goof gracious! NOW EZRA HAS EXPECTATIONS! No thank you!

  2. Nikki

    The tooth fairy brings $1 unless she completely forgets to visit- which is ubersad. I always worry though that the kids at school will compare amounts.

  3. Leslie

    The tooth fairy brings a dollar here, too – also unless she forgets which unfortunately has happened several times with Christian. And last night was one of those nights (the tooth he had pulled at the dentist). I have a feeling the tooth fairy just might fork over $2 tonight to make up for it.

    And Anna has her first tooth loose right now. I'm guessing it will come out in less than a week.

  4. brenley

    what fun! cute cute girl:) i don't know what the tooth fairy will bring to our home…i like the $2 bill for the first tooth though!

  5. us*limes

    yep, $1 here.
    but if the tooth fairy forgets, it isn't her fault.
    it's because the kid must not have brushed it well enough and the tooth fairy didn't accept it. (i felt really bad for giving that excuse because 4 year-old kinnon ran to the bathroom right then and scrubbed his little tooth like mad. the T-fairy accepted his shiny tooth that night. and she hasn't forgotten since.)
    yay klai! T lost her first tooth before Christmas! THey need to play! SERIOUSLY!

  6. Natalie.

    Um the tooth fairy brought Raleigh 10 bucks. . . I COULD NOT STOP HIM. . . I mean. . . her.


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